Tini Fadzillah PCC Program Manager

Tini Fadzillah is an executive coach and trainer based in Singapore with clients throughout South East Asia. Tini specialises in coaching executives in performance, leadership and change. She is able to bring forth the underlying conversations in her coaching that are needed to unlock a person’s full potential. Tini is known for her ability to create close and productive relationships with her clients.

Tini has a passion for working with people and translating their goals into reality. She was part of the team that started one of Asia’s most successful transformational training and coaching organisations and has worked with thousands of people around the region. Tini specialises in internal staff development and coaching clients in the organisation’s public leadership programs and corporate divisions, interspersing performance and transformational coaching.

She is sought after by our partners in our Asian offices to facilitate and present their curriculum and is also an active member of the team that designed the Character Building component of the National Service in Malaysia. She is a Newfield Certified Coach (NCC™) and is also a keen student of somatic practices where she is certified to introduce Tension Release Exercises (TRE™) and is a ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) .

Tini’s experience includes running our public office in Singapore and coaching our partners in SEA to increase their performance.

As a daughter of a Malaysian diplomat, Tini travelled extensively while growing up. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Design from Bradley University in Illinois, USA and has worked in Grey Advertising and the Malaysian Design Council promoting Malaysian design overseas. She has lived in Canada, Libya, USA, Indonesia, Fiji, Korea, Malaysia and currently lives in Singapore with her husband and daughter.