Maricarmen Güell PCC

Maricarmen Güell, a Civil Engineer and Ontological Coach with 30 years of professional experience, is currently partner and Director of LOF Consultores in Chile. Previously, she was senior consultant, Partner, CEO and Director of The Newfield Network Chile, between 1996 and 2009, during which time she lead the company to become a leader in coaching and leadership development throughout South America.

In 2011 she and her partner Tomás Reyes formed LOF Consultores, a boutique consulting company in Chile in the fields of organizational learning, change management and cultural change. LOF Consultores works with senior executives and teams in private and public organizations in different countries in Latin America.

Maricarmen specializes in coaching senior executives in various industries, concentrating on leadership and transition issues. Lately she has been working with top teams from different companies in the same industry who need to integrate to undertake massive projects to create trust, more effective ways of coordinating and wellbeing for all the participants. She has great experience in Change Management processes.

She also has experience teaching courses on Women´s Leadership and designing and delivering Mentoring Programs within organizations.

Maricarmen brings her background as a civil engineer, her own firsthand experience leading organizations plus 34 years of coaching, management and leadership experience along with views, models and practices to support them to see new opportunities and achieve new results.

Maricarmen has also lived in Canada, USA and Europe and through her education, training, travels, and experience she is a powerful observer of cultural and diversity driven issues.