Marc Smith Sacks

Marc Smith Sacks PCC

As a trusted partner for leaders in SMB’s to Fortune 500’s in the San Francisco Bay Area, Marc’s clients accelerate their development and achieve massive results: Attaining multiple promotions, rapid team alignment, and navigating change and transition with less pain and greater impact.

Marc’s clients rapidly move from acceptable to exceptional performance. Leaders are guided to pinpoint, develop and apply their unique gifts, while expanding their thinking and committing to new levels of practice in a matter of hours. They sustain these changes, embedding them into their routines within weeks.

• Executive, Team, and Culture Development
• Emotional Intelligence, Wisdom, and Agility
• Executive/ Leadership Presence
• Powerful Conversations
• Navigating Change and Transitions

TECHNOLOGY: High potential director-level manager with abrasive communication style.
OVERVIEW: Three months of executive coaching, which included shadowing a couple meetings, giving real time feedback, and creating daily practices and support structure to improve communication skills and overall personal effectiveness.
OUTCOME: Pre and post 360 data showed the manager was perceived by his VP and peer group as a stronger communicator and leader. As a result, the manager received a promotion to Senior Director and was entrusted to lead a breakout team to innovate the company’s next flagship product.

ENERGY: SVP of Operations and Executive Team to increase trust on the executive team and facilitate rapid team alignment
OVERVIEW: Six months of executive coaching and a facilitated team off-site to surface missing and ineffective conversations that were undermining trust. Developed progressive set of practices to increase inquiry and empathy skills, and to have more effective conversations.
OUTCOME: Team assessment trust scores increased by 125%, which allowed the team to align on a new set of standard practices for creating strategic alignment across the organization.

HEALTHCARE: Top 200 leaders in a hospital network of 20,000 employees, 17 hospitals, and 170 facilities
OVERVIEW: All day Inspiring Excellence off-site retreat, creating personalized purpose statements, life maps, and shared commitment to leadership excellence.
OUTCOME: Participants reported increased engagement and commitment to remaining the fastest growing hospital network in their region.

Using a unique blend of appreciative facilitation, kaizen, belief expansion, and neuroscience-based habit evolution, Marc partners with sponsors and talent managers to co-create customized scalable development solutions for building strong leaders, teams and cultures. Marc’s clients rapidly move from acceptable to exceptional performance. Leaders expand their thinking and commit to new levels of practice in a matter of hours. They sustain these changes, embedding them into their routines within weeks.

Marc’s approach is appreciative, strengths-based, purpose-driven, and generative. Marc goes beyond mitigating weaknesses, focusing most of his energy on identifying, developing, and leveraging his clients’ unique gifts and purpose to become unstoppable forces of nature. Marc’s clients refine their essential skills to channel that energy into optimal team and organizational performance.

Marc has filled strategic leadership roles in operations, marketing, sales, and finance. As a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for a global management consulting firm, Marc led strategic forecasting initiatives, helping avert a cash-flow crisis, which, if unaddressed, would have jeopardized the company’s survival.

Marc is Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation, a Certified practitioner of Generative Leadership and Body and Movement. Marc is also certified as an authorized test administrator for the following assessments:

• Hogan Leadership Suite and Hogan 360 – Hogan Assessment Systems
• StandOut Strengths Assessment – The Marcus Buckingham Company
• Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®) – Herrmann International
• Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) – CPP
• Social Styles® – The Tracom Group
• Leadership Assessment Instrument (LAI) – Linkage, Inc.

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