Carolyn Keyes PCC

As a former senior executive, Carolyn Keyes understands the pressures facing today’s C-Suite and Senior executives working in global markets. From the challenges of cross-cultural teams to shareholder pressure, she works with her clients to give them a confidential place to think through their business issues and be challenged to look differently in order to reach their performance goals. Carolyn works mainly with C-Suite and Senior Executives who also need a sounding board, as it can be “lonely” at the top. For Creative Industry professionals, her coaching involves helping them structure their vision and ideas in order for them to accomplish their goals, strengthen their communication and non-verbal presence, and challenge them to clearly establish longer term goals to achieve their professional vision.

Carolyn coaches executives/creative industry professionals in healthcare, information technology, financial services, aerospace, real estate, retail, film industry professionals, music industry professionals and professional services.

Carolyn is a coach in the Women’s Film Initiative/Harnisch Foundation coaching Sundance Institute fellows. She is also a coach for coaching their fellows and senior fellows through their SupporTED Coaches program.