Angela Cusack

Angela Cusack MCC

Angela Cusack has a passion for igniting the potential in others.  Her sweet spot is working with CEOs, leaders and their teams, and organizations who are in and/or ready for transition. She knows from personal experience as well as reports from others that this space “in between” often feels confusing, uncertain, and unpredictable producing energy that limits our world views, possibilities, and actions. At the same time this space “in between” can also produce energy that ignites the soul, imagination, and new ways of thinking that spark innovation and possibilities.

Regardless of what the “in between” produces, Angela supports and with compassion quickly moves her clients to their “learning edge” where deeper insights and learning and action can emerge based on the aspirations they bring to the conversation. She isn’t afraid to be frank and candid or to challenge the thinking of those she works with. Her aim is the aim of her client. She walks along side and presents ways of seeing through deep appreciation and inquiry that moves her clients to see, feel, and experience their life, situation, and relationships in ways they’ve been unable to imagine.

Angela is a graduate of Newfield’s Coach Training Program 2005.  She became a Newfield coach in 2006 and works in both the Asia and US programs. Angela is a graduate, as well as, a program coach in the Institute of Generative Leadership’s CEO program (Coaching Excellence in Organizations).  Angela obtained her masters from George Washington University, DC in Human and Organizational Learning and has a dual degree from Wilmington College of Ohio, Wilmington, Ohio in Marketing and Communication Arts.   She lives in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

Angela is dedicated student of coaching practices—participating in or leading as many teleclasses and learning sessions to expand herself and her coaching skills. She believes deeply in people and all that is possible when we dream, believe and take action—as she often says, this is where the “magic” happens!