Alex von Behr Executive Leadership

Alex von Behr is an experienced global business leader, and now executive coach. Having spent many years in senior positions in some of the worlds leading consumer goods companies, Alex understands the business context, the challenge and satisfaction of leadership, and the need to deliver results. After a successful 35 year career in the corporate world, with extensive mentoring experience, Alex qualified as a Newfield coach in 2017 and has been practicing and developing his coaching skills across Asia ever since. Alex has a passion for helping his clients go to areas they had not previously thought possible, and has found coaching to be the most satisfying part of his long career. His ability to assist his coachees in unlocking their full potential in work and life has resulted in their being able to deliver better and more satisfying results in business and their lives beyond.

Alex, who is British but was raised in India, Singapore, London and Switzerland, graduated in 1982 from Oxford University in UK with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, and enjoyed a successful career at Kraft (now Mondelez), McKinsey, Coca-Cola and Unilever, initially in the marketing function, then as a consultant, and then in a range of successively senior GM/President roles at Kraft and Coca-Cola for their businesses in UK, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Philippines. He spent the last 8 years of his corporate career as Global Chief Customer Officer for Unilever, based in Singapore, responsible for leading the sales strategy, and for building capabilities across Unilever’s 24,000 salespeople.