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Who should attend the Newfield Coach Training Program?

The Newfield Coach Training Program is designed for those committed to deep, transformational learning and becoming a competent coach. Most participants are seeking training as either a personal coach or as an internal or external executive coach. As a result, our programs are attended by both private individuals and those from government agencies and corporation.

The Newfield Coach Training Program is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Upon successful completion of the program, you can leverage your learning by joining the ICF and becoming an ICF credentialed coach.

Why should I invest in this program, especially now?

Newfield’s coach training program is internationally renowned as one of the best programs in the world for becoming a certified coach or gaining coaching skills as a leader or manager. Yes, most are experiencing the effects of the slowing economy. At the same time, experts we’ve talked to, including many universities, are saying that now is the best time to invest in re-tooling your skills, competencies, and leadership abilities so you have an edge in the marketplace.

What are the prerequisites?

People self-select into our coach training programs. The Newfield Coach Training Program is not the right program for you if you are trying to learn coaching quickly or without first examining your own beliefs, limitations, and assumptions. Our coaching certificate program is rigorous and requires you to spend approximately five to seven hours per week in course activities, including reading, writing, working with study partners, and participating in teleconferences.

What is your philosophy of coaching?

The work of Newfield widens your capacity to learn and to take new actions consistent with what you care about. Through our programs, we engage you in conversations and practices that have you explore, discover, and revisit fundamental questions about how you view the world and how that impacts what you generate and achieve. As a result, you break old habits of thinking and acting, and you greatly increase your personal wellbeing, your ability to learn, and your capacity to take creative, new steps towards your own professional and personal goals.

Our programs are rigorous and multidisciplinary in scope, calling on the best thinking and application from the fields of philosophy, biology, various sciences, cosmology, organizational development, sociology, ontology, body movement studies (somatics), and more. We bring best practices from these fields and apply them to leading and living with greater effectiveness and greater well-being and satisfaction. Our attention to moods, emotions, and physiology and how these forces affect action and well-being is unique to our work.

Will this coursework prepare me for a career in organizational coaching?

Most participants in the program either work with organizations or work within an organization. While the training teaches you to coach in any context, emphasis is placed on coaching within businesses/organizations.

Outside of the obvious training around coaching, does the program provide any guidance about setting up your business, marketing, how to attract clients, etc.?

Yes. Participants are provided a comprehensive workbook that walks them through how to articulate their offer, price their coaching, and do general marketing activities. Teleclasses are also given specifically on best marketing and sales processes for coaches.

How is the Newfield Coach Training Program structured?

The nine-month program comprises three onsite conferences and follow-up work. The program’s first module is entitled FOUNDATIONS IN ONTOLOGICAL LEARNING, and in these five months you focus on developing new perspectives on learning and competencies in managing your own transitions and change. The second module is called The Art and Practice of Ontological Mastery (TAPOM). In this five-month period, you learn how to utilize these new perspectives in coaching others.

Conference curricula include Newfield’s unique approach to Ontological Coaching: the Ontology of Emotions, the ontology of language, movement and the body, consciousness theories, and integral thinking and practices. The conferences are highly interactive and incorporate conversations, exercises, somatics, dancing, and play. There are many opportunities to ask questions, interact with others, and be coached.Experience shows us that these conferences are hallmark events for building and strengthening learning habits and developing long-term friendships and professional relationships. Between conferences, you will have assignments that include reading and writing exercises, study group conversations with other participants, and teleconferences. As an essential part of our ontological approach, we also ask you to teach what you’re learning to a group of six to ten people who are not participants in the program. (If you choose, you may partner with one other participant to co-design and co-facilitate the group sessions.) Through this progressive process, you will gain experience in producing powerful results for yourself and your clients.

In the second module, TAPOM, you will also work with an ICF-accredited, Newfield Certified Ontological Coach who will provide mentoring and feedback as you practice coaching others.

How much work is involved in the Newfield Coach Training Program?

In addition to attendance at the conferences, you will need to dedicate time to reading, teleclasses, telephone calls with your study group, and ongoing work with your learning group. You should expect to spend 4 to 6 hours weekly on these activities over a nine month period.

What are the days of the week and times of the teleconferences?

In addition to the in-person conferences, you will join fellow participants for 60-minute teleclasses. Each session will cover key topics and allow for practice, discussion, and questions. They are scheduled on various days of the week and at various times to allow for multiple time zones, work, and family schedules.

In the program description section on the website, it indicated that I will be teaching what I am learning to others. Do I need to find this group of people or is this something the program takes care of?

An integral part of Newfield’s methodology is to learn by practicing. To that end, you will generate a group of six to ten people who are NOT participants in your program and teach them what you are learning. You can bring together family and friends or do this within your own organization or for an organization or in-tact team or church or civic group. Your coach will work with you in getting this group started. Most participants report this is one of the most useful and satisfying portions of the program.

After completion of the program, will I be ICF certified or are there additional steps to obtain certification? What are those steps; how is that achieved?

Once you have completed all the program activities, you can apply for Newfield certification which is included in the tuition. You will send a recording and transcript of your coaching which will be assessed by Newfield’s Certification Panel against the ICF and Newfield core coaching competencies. Once you have passed Newfield’s certification, you may submit your application to the ICF to receive their ACC, PCC, or MCC credential. The ICF application requires that you also document your coaching hours and complete an online multiple choice quiz, but you will not have to take the ICF coaching exam. You can find out more about the ICF credential application by visiting

Who are the Course Leaders?

At The Coach Partnership (formerly Newfield Asia), you will work with a faculty of experts in each of the specific domains of Body (Somatics), Emotions and Language, sourced from America, South America and Europe.

Do I get individual coaching in the Newfield Coach Training Program?

You are assigned a Newfield coach to work with you in both modules of the program. Coaching conversations typically last 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Who are the Coaches?

Newfield Certified Coaches and Newfield Certified Ontological Coaches teach and facilitate this program. They are all certified graduates of the Newfield Coach Training Program and have spent a number of years working with Newfield to complete advanced training. Your coaches play various roles. They facilitate the onsite and virtual coaching curriculum. They provide ongoing coaching feedback in person and by teleconference and email, and receive, read, and respond to your periodic written reports. They periodically may attend your study group meetings to observe and contribute to the group’s learning process. Throughout the first half of the course, they provide personal coaching twice a month. In the second half of the course, they observe, assess, and provide feedback on your development as an ontological coach.

What is the cost of tuition, lodging and meals?

Tuition for the Newfield Coach Training program is S$ 16,950 (includes GST). Tuition includes instruction, materials, coaching and mentoring. Those attending the conferences from out of town will need to budget for lodging and meals.

Would I benefit from having other members of my company or friends attend the program?

Yes. Tuition discounts are offered to organizations or families sending more than one participant to the course. In addition, if your work team attends, we can provide you with additional support to help your team embed the learning and make it relevant to your organizational concerns.

Who do I contact for more information?

Phone us at +65 6338 2280 or email us.