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The Art and Practice of Ontological Mastery (TAPOM)

A program that builds on Foundations and gives you the skills to coach others using the Ontological model of coaching.

As you approach the completion of Foundations in Ontological Learning, or if you have completed Foundations in the past, you might want to continue to our second module – The Art and Practice of Ontological Mastery (TAPOM).

The Foundations course introduced you to the distinctions of Ontological Learning but, in the most part, the Observer you studied was yourself. In the second module, TAPOM, we start to learn how to support others in the same way – helping others transform the Observer they are. The mechanism we use is coaching – just as your coach in Foundations worked with you. But, you don’t have to want to be a professional coach to attend the program. Many of our TAPOM participants are managers, leaders and professionals who want to support those around them as they add coaching to their repertoire.

Mastery only occurs in the application of learning. We truly embody our learning as we use it in the service of others.

The program is aimed at people who want to help others transform their results but it is also ideal for anyone who just wishes to keep learning. There is new and additional material and the coaching you receive transitions from a personal coach to a mentor coach who helps you coach others. The standards of the program are in-line with the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) highest standards for a coaching school.

The program is ideal for professional coaches, those learning, coaching, internal coaches, leaders, managers, professionals, health care employees, entrepreneurs, parents and so many more who aspire to learn or grow their ability to support others. Once you complete this module, you are eligible for Newfield Coach Certification which opens the fast track door to ICF accreditation.

Study with masters
Once again, this program is led by a team of global experts, each of whom specialise in their field. The training team is again supported by a great team of world-class coaches who support our students in learning and breakthroughs.

“The Newfield Asia Coach Training Program, with its structured programs, peer group learning and individual hands-on practice, gave me good insights into the field of coaching. I have also benefited a lot from the highly professional and dedicated Newfield coaches who were assigned to coach and mentor me through the 9-month learning journey. More importantly, this program has equipped me with essential coaching skills and expanded my repertoire of leadership competencies so that I can become a better leader and people manager to the colleagues whom I have the privilege to work with.”

Albert Lim, Senior Vice President of a leading global aviation company in Singapore.