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Coach Training

The Newfield Coach Training Program

Many coaching professionals consider The Coach Partnership (formerly Newfield Asia) as one of the world’s premier training organization. We teach coaching like no other school, and our graduates become extraordinary personal and executive coaches.

Specifically, we teach a simple yet encompassing model for coaching, developed and refined by Newfield over the last three decades—we call it Ontological Coaching. This approach to coaching transforms your worldview and capacity for action while teaching you to coach others for sustainable change.

The Coach Partnership’Coach Training Programs are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). All of our programs are designed to challenge your interpretations of learning, change, and life and catalyze new abilities to learn and lead.

Newfield’s multidisciplinary approach is immediately practical and grounded in contemporary principles and proven practice: the philosophy of language; phenomenology; the biology of cognition; the work of Dr. Clare Graves and contemporary philosopher Ken Wilber; recent advances in body/movement studies; emotional intelligence; the latest in personal and organizational development theory and practice. Our models, materials, and methods catalyze your learning and your ability to embody the changes necessary for effective change and masterful living.

This program is open to persons 18 years old and above.

For more information, email us or phone +65 6338 2280.