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Partnership with The Coach Partnership (formerly Newfield Asia)

Newfield Asia is one of the world’s leading coaching schools. Teaching the Newfield Ontological method of coaching, the school attracts approximately 100 experienced individuals to leadership and coaching each year. The Coach Partnership is distinct from other coaching schools in that students are typically older, more experienced and accomplished. It is one of the more expensive coaching schools around the globe and the curriculum is more rigorous than most other schools.

The average age of participants is around forty and many are senior managers or professionals who are learning coaching to be more effective in their work place. Some wish to become professional coaches but not all. In the second half of the Newfield Coach Training Program (from month’s five to nine), participants are required to practice their coaching with volunteer clients. Each participant typically finds their clients to coach and many look for variety in their coaching assignments. Most professionals find volunteer coaching clients within their own organisations but they also benefit from coaching people from outside their usual context.

Historically HR directors and senior managers within the program have taken the opportunity to nominate managers or staff for free coaching by their fellow class mates. This has been a very successful win-win relationship. Our participants get real coaching opportunities and the companies that have nominated managers for coaching receive coaching – often by experienced professionals – for free.

Having offered the programs for the past 8 years, and having seen this informal partnering within our programs, we have formalised the partnering of coaching students and managers or staff of selected partner organisations for free coaching. The companies we partner with are non-competing and from different industry sectors.