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The Mark J. Hemstedt Scholarship

The Coach Partnership provides scholarships or assistance to remarkable people within the community who would otherwise not be in a position to attend our programs. Sales of our coaching intake questionnaire, Newontology Lenses, go toward this endeavour.

Our first scholarship was granted in 2017 to an incredible woman – Nilushika Silva Jayaweera from Sri Lanka. Nilu and her younger siblings were left alone in an orphanage when she was 14. To care of her siblings she left Sri Lanka on her own to become a Foreign Domestic Worker (maid) in Singapore.

Earning a small salary and having work in a foreign land was not enough. On her one day off per week she enrolled in self-development classes and courses on entrepreneurship and business management. She also volunteered in organisations that support, inspire and empower women.

Passionate about supporting her family and other women in Sri Lanka, Nilu started her own e-commerce business – Nilu Tea. She has since returned to Sri Lanka where she runs her business and NGO – Emerging Hope Lanka.

Nilu is regularly invited back to Singapore for interviews and talks. Her story has been widely published including articles in the national newspaper, The Straits Times. She is also an accomplished speaker at Tedx Singapore.

We at The Coach Partnershipare are proud to work with her and look forward to her adding the qualification of credentialed coach to her impressive list of achievements.

Information about her inspiring journey can be found below.



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TEDx Women, Singapore, on Education and Empowerment in Sri Lanka

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Fund raising campaign following May 2016 Sri Lankan flood

Nilushika Priyadarshanei Silva, aidha Graduation Ceremony 2012