Singapore – October 2018 to July 2019


We are delighted that  you have  decided to join our learning community. Two Programs are available, Foundations In Ontological  Learning  and  the  Full Coach Certification Program.

The Foundations In Ontological  Learning  Course  is delivered over 4 months, and  covers  the  theory  and  experience behind our coaching approach.

The Full Coach Certification Program is 9 months long and  gives you the  professional framework  to become qualified to coach others. The program  consists of 2 modules: The Foundations In Ontological Learning  and  The Art and Practice of Ontological Mastery.

Listed  below are the  dates for the  required in-person conferences, which  are all held  in Singapore:



  • 4 days:  October 11-14, 2018
  • 2 days:  March 7-8, 2019


  • 2 days:  March 9-10, 2019
  • 4 days:  July 4-7, 2019

In between conferences, distance learning includes Discovery Guides, Tele-Classes, Study  Groups, Learning  Groups, Coaching  Practicum and  a Personal Coach.


Experience tells  us that  once  you decide to do the  program, you begin  “looking”  at your world a bit differently.  We offer a Pre-Learning Program  entitled “Discovering New Worlds” to guide  your discoveries.   This is an optional activity, which  includes readings, exercises and  tele-classes and  is available for those  who register early. The Pre- Learning  Program  will begin  July  2018, three  months before  the  program  starts and  will be coordinated within the  Newfield  Asia online  forums.

Please email  the  completed registration forms  to or fax to +65 6338 2290.

If you have  any questions about the  programs, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to having  you with us!

Thank  you!

Best  regards,
Ivo Delfgaauw

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Singapore – October 2018 to July 2019
(Please type or print legibly and return to or fax to +65 6338 2290)
Online Forums Website (private online forum for program participants that serves as primary means of communication with Newfield Asia and access to program materials)
Please email the following to within one week:
  • A username (Can be your whole name. Please don’t use a first name by itself.)
  • A password (Any combination of letters and/or numbers. Letters must be all lowercase.)
  • A photo of yourself
*This program is open to persons 18 years and older. The program is delivered in English.

SGD (incl. GST)

  • ⁣16950
  • 8500
  • 9500

We accept payment via credit card (VISA/Mastercard), bank transfer or cheque to Newfield Asia Pte Ltd.

If paying a booking deposit at this time only, please indicate above.

If you wish to discuss other payment options or request bank transfer details, please email

Program Withdrawal and Refund Policy:Written notification of your withdrawal by fax, letter, or email to Newfield Asia is required.
  • SGD750 of your deposit is non-refundable if you withdraw from the program prior to the Opening Conference*. It can be applied to any future Newfield Asia course offering and is valid for one year after the date of withdrawal. The remaining balance will be refunded within 2 weeks of written withdrawal notification.
  • If you withdraw after the Opening Conference, your full tuition is due in full and may be applied to any Newfield Asia course (minus a S$750 administrative fee) within one year of your withdrawal date. Additional fees may be owed due to increased tuition rates.
  • Newfield Asia reserves the right to replace training and coaching teams and change venue (within Singapore) for the delivery of conferences and coaching.
*In the event that Newfield Asia cancel or postpone an entire program due to insufficient enrolments, the non-refundable deposit and any other monies paid by you will be returned if you do not wish to transfer to an alternative date/program.
PARTICIPATION AGREEMENTParticipant agrees to take charge of their own learning by:
  • Communicating honestly and being open to coaching, feedback and assistance.
  • Asking for help and support when needed.
  • Not interfering with the learning experience of others in the course.
  • Staying current with and making the payments as set forth in the Tuition Agreement.
  • Attending all in-person conferences.
  • Completing the activities as set forth in the learning guides.
  • Maintaining the copyright of all course materials. The content of our written material is protected by international copyright laws. You may not reproduce, distribute, transmit, display, or prepare derivative works of any copyrighted material without the prior written consent of Newfield Asia. (You may copy and print the content, and you may download the content, for your personal, noncommercial use in connection with the program, provided that you include all copyright and other notices contained in the content and that you do not modify the content.)
  • Agreeing NOT to use participant mailing/emailing or online forums information for ANY purpose other than program course work. (No spamming or soliciting for any reason – personal or professional – at any time during or after the program.)
  • Complying with all Newfield Asia policies, including, but not limited to, our email privacy policy and copying policy.
  • The participant understands that all parts of the program, workshop, telecall, webinar or other Newfield Asia sponsored event may be filmed, videotaped, audio taped, or photographed. By participating in the program, workshop, telecall, webinar or other Newfield Asia-sponsored event the participant grants to Newfield Asia the right to use and publicise the participant’s name, image, and voice for educational, marketing and promotional purposes without compensation and without opportunity for review.
The participant understands that, in addition to any other rights Newfield Asia Pte. Ltd., may have at law or in equity, failure to comply with the above requirements may result in the participant being removed from the course. Participants removed from a course will not be eligible for a tuition refund.The participant understands that this program is not psychotherapy, treatment or counselling of any kind and should not be used as a substitute for such modalities. Psychological disorders are not addressed in the program by the trainers or by the coaches, nor is the training a psychological support group or therapeutic environment. If you believe that you need this kind of help please find the appropriate professionals to assist you.Newfield Asia agrees to:
  • Introduce participants to our ontological distinctions and philosophies as well as the ICF Core Coaching Competencies for the sake of learning to coach
  • Present three in-person conferences in Singapore.
  • Supply the reading materials and learning guides.
  • Support each participant in completion of the course by offering opportunities for learning (i.e. conferences, study groups, learning groups, and teleclasses with staff and coaches).
  • Provide one-on-one coaching and mentoring.
As with all journeys, the path will sometimes be very well marked, and at other times you may feel like you have lost your way. We ask you to trust the process and promise that if you follow the path, do the activities, and participate fully, you will arrive to a world of new possibilities.
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