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Newfield Asia is part of a network of companies across the globe with an extended team of highly trained and experienced trainers and senior executive coaches.

We have thousands of graduates all over the world driven and united by the fact that we care deeply that human beings live meaningful and successful lives and work with others in deep and powerful ways.


Our programs are targeted primarily at:

  • Leaders and managers looking to improve their ability to deliver results through people and develop talent
  • Practicing coaches who wish to learn the Newfield distinctions
  • Those planning to enter the field of coaching
  • Professionals in fields such as law, medicine, finance, science or relationship management, who simply want to be more effective when working with people.
  • Anyone looking to improve the way they relate to people at work or in their personal lives

What makes Newfield Asia unique is that we bring the experts to you.

Many coaching schools offer frequent small classes that are led by graduates of the program or one or two leaders who teach the whole curriculum. The Newfield Ontological curriculum is complex. It requires an in-depth study of Language, Emotions, Somatics (the body) and Coaching.

We believe that a deeper learning experience is provided when we bring together experts in each of these fields. These experts have studied their area in ways that a generalist cannot.

As a result, we usually only run one class per year.  In any Newfield program you will work with a full faculty of experts – often 5 or more – in each of the specific domains of Body / Somatics, Emotions, Language and Coaching. You then go on to work individually with elite coaches from all over the world.

Our current team of experts and coaches come from America, South America, Asia and Europe.

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