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About The Coach Partnership (formerly Newfield Asia)

The Coach Partnership and our sister company The Works Partnership (web link) form one of the world’s leading transformational learning organizations. We teach in-person and on-line programs for the public and organisations that show you how to generate results consistent with what you care about and what you value most.We challenge your thinking and support you to take action aligned with what matters for yourself, for your organization, for the planet.

Our work integrates the latest thinking, models, and concepts from a multitude of disciplines (philosophy, biology, neuroscience, psychology, management theory, etc.). We bring their relevance to you in a way that is immediately applicable to your leading in a more conscious way in your personal and organizational lives.

How did we get started?

The Works Partnership (web link) started in 1993 and became a leader in corporate leadership programs in Asia and with companies all over the world. In 2010 we brought the Newfield suite of coaching progams to Asia under the brand of Newfield Asia and were immediately recognized as the leading provider for coach education in Asia. In 2019 we re-named the company and Newfield Asia became The Coach Partnership and continues to offer the same Newfield suite of programs.

Newfield began in 1991, led by, Julio Olalla, who emigrated from Chile to the United States after the 1973 coup d’état. Julio’s gift was his ability to synthesize relevant teachings from great thinkers in a multitude of disciplines and to make these teachings available, relevant, and actionable.

For six years, Newfield offered a personal development program in North and South America called Mastering the Art of Professional Coaching. In 1998, they began offering an updated version of this program to those who were interested in becoming coaches. This program was aligned with the competencies and ethics of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is now called Newfield’s Certified Coach Training Program.

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